Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Participant Workbook

Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Participant Workbook

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The Shoplifting and Theft Prevention is designed for a 12-24 week court mandated group. The workbook is over 120 pages and  50 topics of discussion. 

Some of the topics include: 

Theft and Shoplifting Assessment 

Overcoming Depression 

Emotional Intelligence 

Social Awareness 

Self- Awareness 


Relapse Prevention 

Avoiding Triggers 

Anger Management 


Criminal Thinking 

Keeping up with the Joneses 

Money Management and more 

Rights and permissions 

You can add and remove content and add your name as the author. You can also rebrand, reprint, and resell this workbook to your clients. 

This workbook will be emailed to you after your purchase on a editable word document.

This workbook was created by Derek Collins, the CEO of the Diversion Center. He has over 10 years of experience working in the court mandated field and created these workbooks to help other court mandated treatment providers and coaches with their programs. Each workbook is over 100 pages and can be used to facilitate groups and individual sessions. To learn more about our workbooks and training programs go to 


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