Overcoming Trauma: Strategies for Healing and Resilience Video Download

Overcoming Trauma: Strategies for Healing and Resilience Video Download

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Overcoming Trauma: Strategies for Healing and Resilience by Diversion Video 

This video will help your clients understand trauma and find ways to recover from it. 

40-minute video 


00:00:00 A Closer Look
00:01:37 Exploring the Causes
00:03:11 How Trauma Manifests
00:04:43 Long-Term Impacts of Trauma
00:06:11 Physical Manifestations of Trauma
00:07:41 Trauma's Impact on Feelings
00:09:05 Trauma's Influence on Actions
00:10:34 Navigating Connection and Trust
00:11:31 Trauma and Mental Health
00:13:01 Work, Home, and Beyond
00:14:37 A Call for Compassion
00:16:08 Sharing Stories, Inspiring Hope
00:16:45 From Shattered Silence to Finding Her Voice
00:18:02 Overcoming Trauma Through Art and Expression
00:18:41 A Therapist's Perspective on Trauma and Healing
00:20:03 Dr. Jones on Trauma-Informed Care
00:20:47 A Counselor's Guidance
00:22:09 Supporting Children and Teens
00:23:49 Strategies for Coping with Trauma
00:25:14 Mindfulness and Meditation for Trauma
00:25:53 The Role of Physical Activity
00:26:43 Trauma and Nutrition
00:28:17 Evidence-Based Approaches to Healing
00:29:48 Rewiring Thoughts, Changing Behaviors
00:31:15 Unlocking and Reprocessing Traumatic Memories
00:32:45 Exploring Alternative Healing Modalities
00:33:23 Support Networks and Trauma Recovery
00:34:22 The Importance of Support Groups
00:35:23 Navigating the World of Therapy
00:36:22 Tapping into Local Support Systems
00:37:23 Ecotherapy and Trauma Recovery
00:38:10 Finding Comfort and Connection in the Animal World
00:39:10 Building Resilience After Trauma
00:39:56 Finding Meaning and Purpose
00:40:58 Setting Goals for a Brighter Future
00:41:53 Cultivating Self-Compassion
00:42:34 The Courage to Be Vulnerable
00:43:26 Finding Your Way Forward
00:44:19 You Are Not Alone

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