Domestic Violence Workbook

Domestic Violence Workbook

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The Family Violence Intervention Workbook was created by the Diversion Center to help facilitators teach domestic violence classes.  The FVIP Workbook is designed to help counselors facilitate a 24-week domestic violence program and help you connect with your clients in a way that will help them resolve conflicts without violence. The objectives of the workbook include:

  • Understand the role of domestic violence.
  • Help prevent, reduce, and eliminate the use of power and control.
  • Understand how domestic violence affects children.
  • Know what physical, sexual, and verbal/emotional abuse is
  • To help clients manage and control their response to triggers.
  • Change perceptions, values, thought management, and conditioning.
  • Help reduce the number of negative outbursts.
  • Prevent emotional hijacking.
  • Promote self-awareness, preventative strategies, social skills, and personal development.

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